As part of the 1st Yachting Festival and Maritime Tourism to be held in Marina, a modern guide to
Yachting and Maritime Tourism.
The guide that will be distributed to all professionals and yachting boats will be
a modern tool because it will have the advertised boats, the companies that
collaborate and participate in the exhibition.
The guide will have important interviews from tourism people as well as developments with
the new trends of Yachting and Maritime Tourism.
In the guide there will be a special tribute with Areas, Municipalities, Port Funds, Regions that will want to be advertised as Yachting and Maritime Tourism destinations.
There will be a special tribute with restaurants, cafes, reception areas in Athens and the Islands that attract Yachts for coffee, food, etc. The magazine will be distributed FREE OF CHARGE. The circulation will be 10,000 copies.
The magazine will be distributed electronically to all travel agencies in Greece and abroad
are engaged in Yachting and Maritime Tourism for free and will exceed 100,000 shipments.

The reasons to advertise in this edition are varied and are listed below:

The magazine will be distributed both in the exhibition and electronically.
It will increase the visibility and prestige of your business and products.
It is a form where anyone interested will have direct access as they will not need to
refer to the internet for information.
The ad will be in English.
You will open a door to new collaborations.
Take advantage of the large number of copies to promote and promote your business
You will inform your potential customers about the activity and products of the business.
In addition to the physical edition of the magazine there will be an electronic edition which will be sent to
over 100,000 professionals.

Advertising costs:

Special Pages:

1. Back cover 3000 + VAT
2. Inner cover 1000 + VAT
3. Inner back cover 900 + VAT
6. 1st right 1100 + VAT
On the Page and in the Living Room half a page of text of a press advertisement.
Contact Mact Media Group to advertise your company in this specialty
publication on the phone 2110129575 email:

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